Mt Albert Houndsware was designed with Albert the Welsh springer spaniel in mind; he is a fun guy, goofy and emotional at times, yet regal and refined. He needed a collar, lead, and harness that suited him. 


While looking for the perfect ensemble it seemed there were two main approaches to dog accessory design, the first being form follows function - pet apparel that is functional and often ‘heavy duty’ looking, but lacking aesthetic appeal and creative intent.


On the flip side, the second approach, seemingly aimed for smaller dogs, focuses mostly on function follows form. Many of the cute printed fabrics didn’t look robust enough for my mud-puddle-loving, who-is-walking-who, 20-something-kg dog. 


With the desire for gear that wasn’t too utilitarian or too cutsie, Mt Albert Houndsware was created using Vitruvius’ three principles of architecture: commodity, firmness, and delight. The aim being to develop considerately designed items that are useful, durable, and beautiful. 


Made in the suburb Mt Albert and inspired by Mt Albert / Owairaka the mountain - Albert’s namesake and favourite place.


Our metal hardware is lightweight (with the exception of our heavy duty clips) and easy on the eyes in gold, silver, and gunmetal finishes.


We use secure traditional pin buckles rather than plastic snap buckles - bad news for escapees. 



Our quick dry webbing is perfect for pups who like to swim or are partial to puddles.


With curated colour combinations that are of their time, yet timeless, the webbing will soften and get better with age.